Bladerunners participants observe Executive

Nine seats were filled in the public gallery of NLG’s legislative chamber by Nisg̱a’a youth observing the monthly meeting of the NLG Executive on January 24th. 

The young Nisg̱a’a are currently participating in the Nisg̱a’a Employment Skills & Training (NEST) Bladerunners Program.  A program funded by ACCESS to provide youth entry level training in the construction and mining industries.

"We involve cultural training as the baseline of all our programming", says NEST Pathways Coordinator Melissa McKay.  Prior to obtaining certification in the field of study, the students complete one week of cultural training to learn more about Nisg̱a’a culture and the Nisg̱a’a Treaty.  As part of their cultural training the cohort of youth received an overview of the Nisg̱a’a Treaty from former President Mitchell Stevens.  They then spent a half day observing the NLG Executive to learn more about government processes. 

President Eva Clayton and members of the NLG Executive extended a warm welcome to the youth.  "The reality is, you will be sitting here one day, so I am very encouraged to see that you are taking an interest in Nisg̱a’a Government", said President Clayton.

This is the third group of youth to complete the Bladerunners program.  Two other cohorts completed the training with a focus on hospitality and customer service in October and November 2017.

For further information on Bladerunners and other employment and skills training provided by NEST, contact their office at 1 250 633 2210 or toll free: 1 844 633 2210, email

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