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The Nisga'a Nation Quality of Life Strategy will:

  1. Engage Nisga'a citizens and resources through a Quality of Life Summit
  2. Align Governance, Administration, Programs and Services with a quality of life approach
  3. Develop a life-long quality of life policy
  4. Document, measure and prove changes in quality of life

See the Nisga'a Nation Quality of Life informational video HERE

Provide your input into the Quality of Life strategy by completing the online guided survey at

Posted here will be topics of interest to Nisga'a citizens.

Watch - President Mitchell Stevens Launches Nisga'a Nation Website with Podcast

Gitlaxt’aamiks, May 10, 2013 – Our first hot topic turns out to be our first podcast from NLG!

Via this podcast, President Mitchell Stevens of the Nisga'a Nation today is launching the Nisga'a Nation's new website at in honour of Nisga'a Day, the 13th anniversary of the effective date of the Nisga'a Treaty.

As part of his welcome, President Stevens asks Nisga'a citizens to check out our site, and explore all the things we have for Nisga'a citizens.

The launch not only appears on the web, but is also being shown to our Nisga'a citizens here at Nisga'a Day.

So check it out here:

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