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Wedding Anniversary - Edmond & Millicent Wright

50th Wedding Anniversary for Edmond & Millicent Wright

Wilps Duuḵ’ g̱ans Wilps Ksim X̱saan

Lax̱gibuu / G̱anada

Arrangements for the Late Elaine Barton


Arrangements for the Late Elaine Barton

Wednesday, April 26:
11:00 AM
Viewing at McKay's Funeral Home

12:00 PM
leaving Terrace, BC

Friday, April 28
Memorial Service - 7pm
Holy Trinity Church

Ganada Tribal Feast at 12:00 pm
Cutting meat and veggies at 9:00 am
Gitlaxt'amiks Rec Centre

Saturday, April 29th
Funeral - 2pm
Holy Trinity Church


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