Lukw'il Aam Kaisha Woods!

Kaisha Woods was recently selected out of 23 applicants to be a representative of the UBC Okanogan Austraila Program Ambassador.  Kaisha is in her 3rd year of Forensic Psychology before she receives her degree at UBC - Okanogan but has been attending the UBC for a total of 4 years.

(Photo Credit to: Kaisha Woods)

Kaisha is the daughter of Bertram Mercer and Cheryl Woods of Gitlaxt'aamiks but resides in Kelowna, BC where is currently studying.  She is from the Ganada Pdeek and hails from Wilps Niis Joohl.

The Nisga'a Nation commends Kaisha on a job well done with her continued studies and her recent opportunity to represent not only UBC Okanogan but the Nisga'a Nation as an Ambassador.  Si'aamhl Wilin Kaisha!



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