Council of Elders take Oath of Office at the NLG Executive Meeting

On December 18, 2019, the newly appointed Council of Elders took Oath of Office at the NLG Executive meeting and was conducted by the Chairperson of the Council of Elders, Sim'oogit N'iisyuus, Willard Martin.

In accordance with section 44(3) of the Nisga'a Government Act, the President of Nisga'a Lisims Government recommends the following individuals for appointment to the Council of Elders for the 2019-2021 term:

Regular Members:

  • Sim'oogit W̓ii Gilax̱namḵ’ap - Clyde Garret Davis Sr. , Gitlax̱t'aamiks - Laxsgiik

  • Sim’oogit Bax̱Kap - Jacob Nyce, Gitwinksihlkw - Lax̱gibuu

  • Sim’oogit Laay̓ - Hubert Haldane, Lax̱g̱alts'ap - Lax̱sgiik

  • Sim’oogit Luudisdoos - Harry Moore Sr. - G̱anada

Alternate Members:

  • Sigidim-naḵ’ Lootkw - Lorene Plante, Gitlax̱t'aamiks - Lax̱gibuu

  • Sim’oogit Gennuu-gaak - Arnold Harry Martin,  Lax̱g̱alts'ap - Lax̱gibuu

  • Sim’oogit K’eex̱kw - Herbert Morven, Gitlax̱t'aamiks - Lax̱gibuu

The Council is established pursuant to the Constitution of the Nisga'a Nation and the Nisga'a Government Act to nurture the spirit of the Nisga'a Nation; provide guidance to interpretation of the Ayuuk; and advise Nisga'a Government on matters relating to the traditional values of the Nisga'a Nation.

The special ceremony photos can be found here: Council of Elders Oath of Office 2019

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