Gitlaxdax Nisga’a Terrace Society hosts a strengthful membership welcoming feast and is now ready for the Nisga'a New Year.

On January 17, 2020, the Gitlaxdax Nisga’a Terrace Society hosted a membership welcoming feast to announce the inception of the society. The learning feast practiced Nisga’a cultural protocols and acknowledged the many important working relationships with special guest dignitary partners in the Northwest. Furthermore, CEO of the society, Ben Haizimsque and his team, saw that a blessing and a naming of the society would fit well to start off the Nisga’a New Year.


As many witnessed, Sim'oogit Hay'maas, Chester Moore and Sigidim Haanaḵ’ Louisa Gray did the naming of the society and Sim’oogit Hay’maas shared the story behind Gitlaxdax (People of the Hills) as he named the Terrace Local. It was at a time of great loss to Sim’oogit Hay’maas when he felt the need to retire his profession early and gear strongly towards teaching the Nisga’a culture in 1989. As a result, many years later, the Gitlaxdax Nisga’a dancers thrive on to this day singing many songs composed by Sim’oogit Hay’maas. A cultural song and dance performance then took place by the Gitlaxdax Cultural Dancers and displayed true identity and great pride of the Gitlaxdax. Many were taken back by the performance, “I am very proud of the dancers, their strength, and unity,” said NLG Executive Chairperson Brian Tait.


The background work in the office. Executive Representative, Keith Azak was at the forefront many months alongside Marianne Stanley-Ward and Lyle Adams to see the establishment and transition of the new society. They were acknowledged for their hard work and had the opportunity to share what has been working best for the Urban Local alongside the Vancouver and Prince Rupert/ Port Edward representatives with encouragement to share.


As the evening was coming to a conclusion, many stories were shared, song and dance performed, and the membership took full advantage to embrace the Nisga’a Cultural practices sharing a meal together. The Nisga’a Stew was well made by Nisga’a Elders of the Terrace Local. Partners and dignitary relationships more strengthened. We wish the Gitlaxdax Nisga’a Terrace Society staff and its honorable members all the best and many more Nisga'a New Years to come. Si’aamhl wilsim, Si’aamhl wilsim.



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