Nisg̱a’a Elections Officer proposes series of amendments to Elections Act

On January 24th, Nisg̱a’a Elections Officer (the “NEO”) Esther Adams tabled a report to the NLG Executive entitled, ’Proposed Amendments to the Nisg̱a’a Elections Act & Nisg̱a’a Elections Regulation’. 

The NEO conducted a detailed review of the 2016 election of Nisg̱a’a Government which led to the comprehensive report on proposed amendments.  As described in the NEO report, “These proposed legislative amendments are intended to better align our processes with other election processes with a goal to ensure effective and efficient administration of electoral events and to provide a more inclusive and accessible electoral process by continuing to develop best practices”. 

The proposed amendments for discussion include:

  1. Changing the nomination meeting process to a 10 day nomination period (paper process)

  2. Adjusting the date of the regular election to avoid conflict with statutory holidays

  3. Revert Prince George voters to District 8 list where they would receive mail in ballots

  4. Amend Qualifications to Stand for Office so that the rules are consistent for all nominees including the sitting members of the Council of Elders

Section 77(2) of the Nisg̱a’a Elections Act prescribes that the NEO may suggest consideration of amendments to the Elections Act or other Nisg̱a’a enactments affecting elections or referendums.

The NLG Executive received the report and passed a resolution to further explore the proposed amendments for consideration by the Executive and Wilp Si’ayuuḵhl Nisg̱a’a.  The Executive also gave the NEO direction to further investigate electronic voting options for Nisga’a elections and to report back to Executive in due course.

Once the amendments are considered and passed by Wilp Si’ayuuḵhl Nisg̱a’a, the NEO will embark on a public education campaign to provide voters an overview of the amendments and the Nisg̱a’a Elections Act in general.

To review the full report, click the pdf link below.

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