Nisg̱a’a Leaders Participate in Canada – Modern Treaty and Self-Governing First Nation Forum with Prime Minister Trudeau

President Eva Clayton was among many First Nations leaders from across Canada to address Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the second annual ’Canada – Modern Treaty and Self-Governing First Nations Forum’ today in Ottawa.

 Despite a slight delay due to anti-pipeline protestors, organizers were quick to implement plan B to ensure the second annual Forum went as it had been carefully planned over several months.   

As the First Nations Co-Chair on the Land Claims Agreement Coalition, President Clayton provided opening remarks that set the stage for the discussions on priorities for action on reconciliation that the modern treaty and self-governing leaders addressed.

 Among the many important issues that the leaders addressed with the Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues included:

  1. A Modern Treaty Implementation Policy:  since the Coalition was established in 2003, it has been lobbying the Government of Canada to adopt a comprehensive Modern Treaty Implementation Policy
  2. The establishment of a Modern Treaty Implementation Review Commission in the Office of the Auditor General

  3. A non-derogation clause in the Interpretation Act

  4. Negotiation loans reimbursement: The Nisga’a Nation dutifully completed full repayment of it’s $84M Treaty Loan to the Federal Government in May 2014 - and is now keeping the Prime Minister to his commitment of full reimbursement in its entirety.

  5. Distinctions based approach

President Clayton was accompanied by Secretary-Treasurer Corinne McKay, Executive Chairperson Brian Tait, Gitwinksihlkw Chief Councillor Charles Morven, General Counsel Jim Aldridge and Director of Communications Bobby Clark.

For the full text of President Clayton’s Opening Comments address, see the attached pdf document below.

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