Opportunity: Gitwinksihlkw Salvation Army Food Share

The Gitwinksihlkw Salvation Army Food Share works in the spirit of Sayt K'il'im Goot to provide assistance and relief to the residents of the Nass Valley. “The Food Share is similar to a Food Bank, but is culturally sensitive to the Nisga'a Nation,” says Pastor Damien Azak, who runs the Food Share along with his wife, Erica.
Currently, the Food Share is feeling the effects of the season and requires extra assistance to keep up with the demand, which often increases with the colder weather. Donations would be greatly appreciated to help meet the needs of the valley residents. Non-perishable food items are preferred, along with items such as diapers or toiletries, but cash donations are also accepted. As a non-profit organization, tax receipts are issued for any cash donation above $10.
To make a donation, please arrange with Pastor Azak via Facebook, telephone (250-633-2488 or 250-631-2270) or email (damian_azak@can.salvationarmy.org)
Food programs across the country are often strained at this time of year. If you have the ability, consider assisting the people here in the Nass Valley. “It hurts when we hear that there are people that are struggling to make ends meet. It's a blessing to walk, gently, with our friends that live in the Kalii Aksim Lisims.” – Pastor Damian Azak
If you would like to access the Food Share, it is open to all 4 communities in the Nisga'a Nation. The Food Share is open 3 times a week: Monday: 3 - 5pm, Tuesday: 3 - 4:30pm and Thursday: 3 - 5pm. The schedule is set at the beginning of each season. Any changes are announced on the Facebook page if there is a need to alter the schedule for that week. No booking is needed. Names are recorded for the organization’s records only - all users are confidential to a select few that volunteer.

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