Update on 2020 Commemorative Calendar Distribution

A general update on the distribution of the 2020 Commemorative Nisg̱a’a Calendars:

Delivery to each household in the 4 Nisg̱a’a Villages was completed in December.

Delivery to each Nisg̱a’a Urban Local Office was completed in December.  Nisg̱a’a families who live in the Nisg̱a’a Urban Local areas of Gitlax̱dax (Terrace), Gitmax̱maḵ’ay (Prince Rupert/Port Edward) and Ts’amiks (Greater Vancouver area) may pop in to your Nisg̱a’a Urban Local Office to get your calendar!

Shipping to out of Province citizens was completed in December.

Shipping to Province-wide citizens (outside of the 3 Nisg̱a’a Urban Local Areas) will take place in the next two weeks. 

The calendars have to be processed individually as parcels from the Canada Post Terrace office which has proven to be a very time-consuming process.  

For further information or general inquiries in relation to the Calendar distribution contact NLG’s Communications team at communications@nisgaa.net.  To update your address, or to verify that your address is current, contact NLG’s Citizenship & Enrolment office at nepid@nisgaa.net 

We thank you all for your patience and understanding and hope you’ve had a good start to 2020!

T̓ooyaḵsim̓ n̓isim̓!

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