Wilp Si’ayuuḵhl Nisga’a October 2018 Sitting

Wilp Si’ayuuḵhl Nisg̱a’a (WSN) convened its Fall sitting on Monday October 29, 2018, with the debate and passing of the Final Budget of the Nisg̱a’a Nation for fiscal year 2018-2019 as its primary agenda item.  The budget passed with a vote of 31 unanimously in favour.

Members of Wilp Si’ayuuḵhl Nisg̱a’a also paid tribute to the Late Craig McKay who was Speaker of the House until his untimely passing in October of this year.  A minute of silence was observed and the Executive Officers presented Craig’s wife, Tracey McKay, and family with a group portrait of Craig with WSN members taken at the last sitting he presided over in July 2018.

“In his years of service as Speaker, Craig demonstrated a very natural ability to multi-task and maintain his calm, patient composure,” said Executive Chairperson Brian Tait.  “Sometimes under very stressful circumstances as we deliberated some very important issues of the Nisg̱a’a Nation.”

Executive Chairperson Brian Tait presents a photo of the last WSN sitting Craig Mckay presided over to his family.

A minute of silence is observed. 

President Eva Clayton comments on her appreciation for Craig Mckay.

Deputy Speaker Claude Barton presided over the Fall sitting and will act as Speaker until an election for Speaker and Deputy Speaker is conducted by the House.

WSN also welcomed the Kitsum Kalum Governance Working Group who were in attendance to observe the morning portion of the Nisg̱a’a legislature.  Chief Negotiator Alex Bolton and Chief Councillor Don Roberts extended their gratitude to WSN with the presentation of a portrait.  “We are in the final stages of Stage 5 of Treaty negotiations”, said Bolton.  “We are very glad that the Nisg̱a’a Nation has welcomed us to observe your government in action.” 

Secretary-Treasurer Corinne McKay then returned thanks with the presentation of the coveted ’Nisg̱a’a People of the Nass River’ coffee table book.  “We trust that when we visit your self-government in the future that the Nisg̱a’a book will be on top of all of the other books,” joked the Secretary-Treasurer.

The Kitsum Kalum group then ventured on to the Nisg̱a’a Museum in Lax̱g̱alts’ap after lunch with WSN members.


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