Nisga'a Pacific Ventures LP

To ensure the separation between commercial interests and government programs and services, the Nisga’a Nation created Nisga’a corporations to fulfill specific needs. These businesses are managed through the Nisga’a Pacific Ventures LP (NPVLP), with a mission to improve and sustain the economic wealth and well-being of the Nisga’a Nation and its citizens by being well managed, profitable, and having a reputation for excellence. NPVLP is wholly owned by the Nisga’a Nation, but professionally managed by an independent Board of Directors comprised of the 4 Nisga'a Village Government Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) and 2 other Directors appointed by the Executive.

Nisga'a Pacific Ventures LP includes: Nisga’a Fisheries Ltd. The Nass River produces some of the highest quality salmon in the world and all five species of wild Pacific salmon are harvested for domestic use and sale across North America. Nisga'a Fisheries Ltd. is actively seeking partners to expand its market. Lisims Forest Resources LLP Managing the harvesting, marketing, and sale of Nisga'a forest resources is the responsibility of Lisims Forest Resources LLP. Hemlock, balsam fir, cedar, spruce, and several deciduous species are harvested from Nisga'a Lands. Lisims Forest resources LLP sells Nisga'a wood to purchasers in Canada, China, Japan, and Korea, and is seeking partners to help expand its market and develop a value-added wood products industry. In addition, Lisims Forest Resources is engaged in the harvest and sale of non-timber botanical forest products, including pine mushrooms.

Lisims Backcountry Adventures Inc.  This company was created to foster and promote culturally appropriate and environmentally sustainable tourism in Nisga'a Lands and the Nass Area, increase awareness of Nisga'a culture and heritage, and create jobs for Nisga'a people. Lisims Backcountry Adventures Inc. offers a variety of tourism opportunities, including cultural Circle Tours of Nisga'a communities, and hell-sking in one of the richest and most inspiring environments in the world. Lisims Communications LP Early on, Nisga'a Lisims Government identified the need to bring high-speed Internet access to the Nass Valley to support both economic and social development of the Nisga'a Nation. to meet this challenge, NLG created Lisims Communications LP, which brings broadband Internet access to the Nass Valley and beyond.

Harry Nyce, Jr., Chief Executive Officer

Nisga'a Pacific Ventures LP
4714 Tait Avenue 
New Aiyansh, British Columbia
Canada V0J 1A0

Tel: 250 633 2696 
Fax: 250 633 2677

See the NPVLP organizational chart in the attached pdf document.

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