Honouring Women at Special Assembly 2014

In a powerfully emotional celebration, Nisga'a women were honoured at the Special Assembly in Gitwinksihlkw on Wednesday May 7, 2014.  Women of all ages marched in to the Assembly hall with lit candles while a musical presentation featured photos of Nisga'a women past, present and future. 

"Today we celebrate and honor the economic, political & social achievements of women: Past, Present and Future. For generations, Nisga’a Women have been and continue to be the keepers of culture and traditions as they model through their faith, strength, prosperity, endurance, humility, compassion and courage

Historically, Nisga’a women were always the backbone of our political leaders in the pursuit of the Nisga’a Treaty.  From 1927 to 1951, the federal government enacted a provision under the Indian Act that prohibited First Nations from gathering and fundraising to discuss land claims issues.  It has been said that during that time our Nisga’a women often contributed their personal valuable possessions such as gold jewelry into a common bowl to assist with the fight toward a just and honourable settlement.  This immeasurable gesture on the part of our Nisga’a women was a significant contribution that eventually led to the success realized in the Calder Decision which forced the federal government to begin negotiations of land claims agreements with First Nations from across Canada.

Today, Nisga’a women are decorated in gold once again participating in all aspects of society. It is a passionate, powerful and transformative process that is to be honored and celebrated. With each decade, women are continuing to develop wisdom without exception, become more fascinating in her liberation from limitations and the ability to try something new in order to keep their spirit and curiosity. In support of each other and within each community she will leave you with the feeling that you are never alone. She will unknowingly show her support through a simple gesture such as a nod of the head, smile, a hug or an encouraging word.

Women of the future have a vision; to show courage, commitment and character. Many are pioneers in a variety of fields and all earned placement in numerous categories and endeavors.  We are reminded that it’s not about getting older; it is more about growing and seizing every moment in life and how it defines us, and believing that the impossible is possible; to continue to be life long learners.  Today, gives us a moment in time to recognize our Nisga’a Women…Past, Present and Future."

To view the album of the Honouring Women ceremony that took place at the Special Assembly of the Nisga'a Nation in Gitwinksihlkw, click HERE

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