World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 15, 2014

Elder Abuse is a violation against elders’ human rights. It is more likely to be carried out by a family member, caregiver or a friend rather than a stranger, and elders are susceptible to abuse since many are in need of assistance.

There are three types of elder abuse: Physical, Emotional/Psychological, and Financial.

Physical abuse can include any acts of violence or sexual assault. Along with physical acts, abuse in this form can also be from neglect; such as a caregiver neglecting to give proper hygiene or provide the proper medications for the elder.

Emotional/Psychological abuse can involve anything from threats, insults, intimidations, to withholding rights and privileges.

Finally financial abuse includes theft of funds, assets and property, as well as forcing an elder to alter their Will by coercion or intimidation.

Elder abuse is an important public health and societal problem. By addressing it and looking for possible warning signs we can help with the prevention of it.

It is also important to empower elders to act for themselves and on their own behalf and raise confidence so if abuse does happen they feel they have a voice and can tell somebody.

Never Ignore Elder Abuse.


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